23 Excellent websites to learn coding for free

Here is a good mix of front-end and back-end programming websites for beginners. A lot of these sites provide an interactive learning experience meaning you can try out what you learn. And that is the best way to learn programming…

9 Reasons why I write everything as a list

1. Lists help me organize my thoughts and ideas better 2. They’re easier to write, read and remember 3. Lists ensure every point, argument, angle gets covered 4. They’re my procrastination medicine. If I don’t complete a day’s task I..

Gomix: a programmer’s dream come true

It makes it easy for developers (or prospective developers) to get started with building apps or bots. 5 Cool Things About Gomix: No more worrying about writing boilerplate code because you can just ‘remix’ a similar app and build upon..

Panther Alpha – A tiny linux-powered micro PC

If this pans out (seems like it will), consumers will have a great option for desktop computers besides Windows and Mac. Regular consumers still think of Linux as the developer’s/hacker’s OS but it’s not. Ubuntu has already proven that, but it has..