4 Things I absolutely hate about the Google Pixel


The Pixel looks like a cheap phone trying to imitate the iPhone and HTC phones at the same time.

When they announced the arrival of the Pixel with a Google search bar forming a phone outline it made me look forward to the Oct 4 event. I expected it to have the signature Google minimalism that is beautiful and packed with powerful features. I was completely disappointed.

And what’s with the lack of waterproofing in the Pixel? I don’t want to buy a $700 device and mess it up just because I couldn’t find a shelter quickly enough during the rains. Plus, the camera doesn’t have OIS. When you’re in this price range you have to give your users what others are giving and some more!


One of the best features of Android phones (and the primary argument of Android fans against apple) is their affordability. You can get a lot of power, freedom, and customizability in Android at very reasonable prices.

But the $649 price tag convinces neither the longstanding iPhone users nor those on the fence to switch to android. A more apt price point would’ve been 499 or at most 549. Why would apple users give up their set ecosystem for a phone that’s more or less similar to the one they already have if they have to pay the same price! Just making it easy to switch by providing a cord is not enough.

An Inconsistent Ecosystem

With rumors of a new OS called Andromeda coming on Oct 4th doing the rounds, I thought Google is finally doing what they should’ve done years ago.

I expected to see a brand new notebook, tablet, and phone to be released with the larger devices running a modified version of Android and all the devices working together beautifully like the iPad, iPhone, and MacBook. Again, I was disappointed.

Right now, people have to choose between windows (which has a ton of problems) and the mac that is crazy expensive. Sure, there is Linux but the average consumer still thinks of it as the nerd OS. So it would’ve been a nice change to have a brand new OS and an ecosystem that Android fans can be proud of! But no. All they did is release a speaker you can talk to and a wifi hub.

By the way, why couldn’t those 2 be combined into one device?

I’d have loved to see a nice range of devices along with a smartwatch, all designed using one single design language like Apple just more affordable and with more features while maintaining the Android customizability.

One last thing

Why the f*$k does the phone have such a big empty chin? Why not put the back, multitasking and home buttons there?

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