Panther Alpha – A tiny linux-powered micro PC

If this pans out (seems like it will), consumers will have a great option for desktop computers besides Windows and Mac.

Regular consumers still think of Linux as the developer’s/hacker’s OS but it’s not. Ubuntu has already proven that, but it has still not penetrated into the mainstream as much as it should.

The launch of another Linux based OS that is tying hardware and software together for a seamless desktop experience and has a specific focus on making Linux more accessible to the novice user, will make the makers of other flavors of Linux improve their products to stay in the competition and bring Linux further into the mainstream OS game.

Panther Alpha is currently trying to raise funds through Kickstarter.

Top 5 Highlights of Panther Alpha

  1. Decent specs for a day-to-day use computer for surfing the Internet, working with documents & spreadsheets, playing multimedia and some basic programming. It also doubles as a 4K set-top box.
  2. Easy on the wallet at just $89 if you back the project now or upto $150 after its in the market
  3. Upto 130 times lower energy consumption as compared to a standard PC
  4. Solid aluminum build, no moving parts or even a fan and all-flash storage
  5. Runs all standard Linux apps. There are a lot of great free and open source apps you can use to replace their paid or ad-supported counterparts

3 Caveats

  1. Doesn’t include the monitor, keyboard and mouse. I would’ve liked a bundle option that had everything in it. This approach does give users an option to pick their choice of hardware but some people would prefer to buy the whole bundle at once
  2. No developer option. 2 gigs of RAM cannot support serious software development. I know the intent of this PC is entirely different but I’d love to see a ‘Pro’ version with similar form factor and low energy consumption but with much more processing power. That would kick ass
  3. All of Panther’s competitor OS’s are in their 10th or higher version. Panther on the other hand is going to be in version 4 in 2024! They need a better plan there

Although it will make a good desktop for light users and students, in it’s current form, it has no place in business or serious software development environments.

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