Gomix: a programmer’s dream come true

It makes it easy for developers (or prospective developers) to get started with building apps or bots.

5 Cool Things About Gomix:

  1. No more worrying about writing boilerplate code because you can just ‘remix’ a similar app and build upon it
  2. Gomix hooks up with GitHub and takes care of version control etc
  3. There’s no deployment or server provisioning because it all happens automatically
  4. Changes you make are pushed straight to the live app
  5. Collaborative coding allows multiple developers to work on the same file simultaneously

3 Caveats:

  1. Only Node.js (and of course javascript & other js frameworks) supported right now
  2. Free right now with limitations on server resources & bandwidth but will start charging. Might tank and project may be shut down so cannot (yet) use for production apps
  3. No support for custom domains

So far, I’m loving Gomix. If you’re a developer or someone with an idea for an app/bot you should give it a shot.

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