Hi, I’m Pankaj from Pune, India. I'm studying master of science in software engineering at Oakland University, Michigan. This site is my portfolio, resume, and a log of my learnings.

23 Excellent websites to learn coding for free

Here is a good mix of front-end and back-end programming websites for beginners. A lot of these sites provide an interactive learning experience meaning you can try out what you learn. And that is the best way to learn programming…

9 Reasons why I write everything as a list

Lists help me organize my thoughts and ideas better They’re easier to write, read and remember Lists ensure every point, argument, angle gets covered They’re my procrastination medicine. If I don’t complete a day’s task I append it to the..

Gomix: a programmer’s dream come true

It makes it easy for developers (or prospective developers) to get started with building apps or bots. 5 Cool Things About Gomix: No more worrying about writing boilerplate code because you can just ‘remix’ a similar app and build upon..

Panther Alpha – A tiny linux-powered micro PC

If this pans out (seems like it will), consumers will have a great option for desktop computers besides Windows and Mac. Regular consumers still think of Linux as the developer’s/hacker’s OS but it’s not. Ubuntu has already proven that, but it has..